Like a good wine, travel should entice all of your senses. It’s not about the name of the location you go to but how you got there. It’s not about hitting up the trendiest spots (although this usually carries some weight) but finding something to call your own discovery. We have put together our own tasting notes for the travel we encounter. We don’t tell you where to go but rather suggest the route that leads you to make your own itinerary when you get there. These are the places we have heard rumours of or discovered on our own with the snapshots we made along the way.
Now Go Get Lost


my techno-loving husband takes me to berlin, GERMANY

54 hours of hedonistic pleasure and a lot of love is what made these Berlin notes possible.
It starts when a couple gets offered an opportunity to leave the kids behind and go on a beer boozing weekend of bonding to Munich in October. Like many of you may understand or have yet to accept, when you get this offer you snap it up as quick as you can and that’s exactly what we did. However, instead of the bloated weekend that we predicted, we opted for a slightly different itinerary and headed to a city that has so many musical mysteries and wonders.

Instead of taking full control of the scheduling, I decided to flow with it and let my techno-loving husband to do all the work. Which he did with great pleasure. So rather than our usual roles of me digging for cultural obscurities while he finds the best food, we let it go.


PRAGUe, czech republic + 2



Paris, I missed you