For some it is easy going digitally public in this very saturated digital world, for me with yet another go at yet another idea, it is not.  I have tried and tested so many different paths that I could have continued to follow. I have been given options that I sometimes felt I had no choice in but actually did. I have made mistake after mistake although I always looked at them as learning. Whether it is true that they were all for a reason or whether is was me giving up before I could reach failure is unknown (I like to think the latter). TODAY I fill a void for myself and what I truly believe will be for others. I do not want to base any of its success or falls on popularity in any form but the feedback I get from happy beings that are on the same wild journey we like to call life. These are chapters of my story but could also be chapters of yours. This is the backbone to all my crazy ideas that I can’t seem to let go and projects that I have either started or have yet to begin. It is the pandemonium that comes with trying to accomplish these ideas and projects, the balancing act of doing it with a family, the attempt to still look awesome while doing it and the travelogues of seeing the world that inspired these ideas in the first place.

After experiencing yet another move and the first with two kids, I went on a mental spiral pretty much straight down losing myself in the pit of it all. It affected not only me but my entire family including my dog and two cats! I went to therapies of all types; psychiatrist, psychologist, Aryuvedic Specialist, mindful therapist, dancing coach, and chinese medicine experts, some of which I still proudly visit. All have held a purpose and all have created an unforgettable experience. The one element that they all expressed in their own technique was how to be present and to accept a reality that I thought at the time was bad. Although it sounded like another spiritual outlook that I never really got into, I realized that it was a consistent part of the missing puzzle piece. The more I read, experienced and learned the happier I became and a huge burden has slowly come off my shoulders. I accepted that I wasn’t going to be the greatest, but I was however an integral part of it. We all are. By ensuring those around me, in my case; my kids, are being nurtured to feel and do the same. That is an accomplishment in itself and I/we should be proud.
Please note that I have no way reached some sort of enlightenment and don’t think I will or ever want to (to be honest I can’t stand the word). I enjoy the present of continuously learning and becoming aware of what is currently in front of me and it’s an acceptance I enjoy feeling.

So,here is to all beings that feel that they have the unfortunate circumstance of only holding one role in their lives; you and I are not just a title. We are our own sexuality, we are mothers/fathers, we are wives/husbands/partners/girlfriends/boyfriends, we are entrepreneurs/employees, we are lovers and friends, we are unique and we do them all in our own fabulous fashion. We should embrace them all even if at times unequally. Nurturing these qualities with a unique voice, is what creates that empowering character many of us all strive to discover within ourselves. I believe we all can find her (or him) but we sometimes need a bit of help and a good (gentle) kick to pull them out. We all also have to be honest with ourselves with where we are in our lives and our development and not try to rush to be anyone other then our extraordinary selves.

These journals, words, visuals and experiments is my treasury celebrating all of my characters which I hope to share with others. Today, we are all modern nomads. In this ever changing, fast paced, dysfunctional and way too many times unappreciated world we continue to get lost, but find comforts in our achievements or new homes and characters we hold. I have never physically stopped moving homes or countries and while I appreciate that I have and still are seeing a different world because of it, I do realize that I need to slow down. I need to take time to appreciate the elements I encounter and use this platform as a therapy of not only writing for myself but for others in sharing common yet beautiful stories.

Besides weekly writings, thoughtfully curated content, projects and endeavours, I will also be collaborating with others to create customized modern and pretty rad travel itineraries for those of you who want to see the world with a new pair of eyes. The anarchist of TT  (my abbreviation of “typical tourism”), we will be researching, designing, creating and producing kits and alternative adventures of all kinds along with selling the curiosities and designs I have found or concocted along the way.