One has knocked at all the doors which lead nowhere, and then one stumbles without knowing it on the only door through which one can enter- which one might have sought in vain for a hundred years.
— Marcel Proust

Here lies the fuel for my constant need to create, invent, collect, sustain, see, interpret both the beautiful and ugly of the world while embracing it all as I go. Regardless of our priorities and very delicate yet important baggage in life, the modern nomad's  instinctive desire to eat true , sleep well and discover the authentic and obscure will always remain strong in our consciousness.
This is my therapy, my role model and ode to my brood. It's offbeat travel, it’s the quests that I pursue in order to reach achievement, it's a reconditioning of my mind and the acceptance of a reality.  Here is to learning to live more with less and sharing the adventure on getting there while still keeping our own chaotic colourful genius to it all. This is about living in the moment, realising that you may not be the greatest but the incubation of it. This is my realisation that I was only a piece of a puzzle to what my children or others will complete. These are stories, adventures, projects and treasures for all the modern nomads.
I am not a certified expert in any of this, this is purely me learning as I go and sharing with you what has worked for me and how it all links to the bigger picture. If you feel the need to constructively criticize anything I am all ears, if you feel the desire to bombard me with compliments I’ll blush in gratitude.

Respect the past, live in the present, work for the future